The Wild Reeds

The Wild Reeds' sound is highlighted by the interweaving vocal harmonies of three phenomenally talented front-women: Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva, and Mackenzie Howe - who swap lead vocal duties and shuffle between an array of acoustic and electric instruments throughout the set. They are backed by a rhythm section of Nick Jones (drums) and Nick Phakpiseth (bass). 

The Wild Reeds played their first unofficial show at an open mic at CKs Cafe. The band used to frequent the open mic night and a couple of members lived near by. Over the years The Wild Reeds have maintained their relationship to Claremont by playing events at Scripps College, hosting shows at The Folk Music Center, playing live performances on KSPC, and performing at The Claremont Folk Festival in 2013. The Wild Reeds released their second album Even When the Strong Winds Blow at a rented warehouse in Claremont in June of 2011.

The Wild Reeds all came to music through different channels. Most of them were inspired as kids to sing or play instruments though school or choir. They eventually began to write bedroom songs about juvenile emotions and life events that developed. Their music continues to develop into matured harmonies and melodies. 

“Claremont has such a strong history of music and that can only be from the continued support of its audience and the creatives that inspire and challenge artists to build and grow. The Wild Reeds are advocates for the growth that Claremont has offered over the years. From coffee shops and street corners to large festivals we have always received an overwhelming amount of support from the city and its passerby's. There are so many channels of artistic expression to experience in Claremont that artists are continuously being inspired by musicians and musicians from poets and poets from dancers; it is a gorgeous environment that has showed its success through the sustainability of fantastic arts throughout the years.”

Photography by Anthony Brooks