Larry Jackson

Singer/songwriter, Larry Jackson, was born in Pomona in 1950. Like many people that migrated west from Oklahoma during the dust bowl years, Larry’s family and relatives moved to Southern California, settling in San Dimas, bringing their stringed instruments and deep-rooted musical traditions with them. Larry’s primary teacher during his youth was his father, as many kids simply learned to play music at the foot of their parents.

As Larry describes, “I started out singing on stage at our local church at age four with my sister, Donna, who also played piano. We continued doing that weekly until I was about twelve. In 1966, I put together my first working band and two years later moved to Claremont, an almost mythical epicenter for the arts and music. With the influence of the Claremont Colleges and the growing local music scene, the next forty-six years would truly prove Claremont to be the perfect environment for my musical growth. Working with many fellow local musicians over the years has helped me to create a sizable catalogue of recordings, play thousands of live performances, claim membership in numerous performing groups, and, for the last twelve years, continue to perform about a hundred gigs a year with my wife and musical partner, Rhonda, as the Jackson Family Band.”

“Music has provided me the opportunity to tour in Europe, work and learn side by side with my friend and mentor, Charles Chase, stage manage the Long Beach Blues Festival for seventeen years, co-produce four Claremont Blues Festivals, and learn from many of Claremont’s legendary musicians. My wife and I continue to live in Claremont where we write, rehearse, build and repair instruments, and record in our home studio. In between I teach blues and folk guitar and hang out with my family.”

“Claremont has always been and I believe will always be a nurturing center for artistic endeavors and creative growth. I believe its long musical heritage will continue to expand and provide the world with talented musicians and great music.”