Squeakin' Wheels

Squeakin’ Wheels is a Claremont music group founded by siblings David and Marguerite Millard. The band was formed in the early 1990s, and originally featured fellow Claremont musicians, Randy Holland, Jim Shirey, and David Brock. Over the years Squeakin’ Wheels have become a Claremont fixture with a dedicated following who enjoy their close harmony vocals, fine musicianship, and great songwriting. 

Currently, Squeakin’ Wheels are a six-piece band that features Marguerite and David Millard, David Brock, Steve Cahill, Roy Durnal, and Marguerite's husband, Mark Takeuchi. 

Squeakin’ Wheels have recorded two albums: Devil’s Racetrack and Things Have Changed.

Photography by Althea Sachs