Our Mission

The Treasury of Claremont Music is a long-overdue undertaking. We are archiving the city’s rich and varied musical culture and history so that Claremont’s past, present, and future musical accomplishments will not be forgotten. It is our intention to put the vast array of genres under one easily accessible roof, to honor our local musicians and artists and their achievements, and to share these resources for personal and educational enjoyment. The Treasury of Claremont Music will be a living online resource that showcases our local musicians through photos, biographies, and music. The website will be continuously updated with new musicians, while also featuring content on Claremont’s musical history and promote upcoming musical events. This repository of local music aims to be an encyclopedia of all things Claremont music and will be an invaluable research resource for schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, radio, and other appropriate institutions. 

Over the years, there has been much talk about who’s who in Claremont and what their musical connections might be. Much of the information is obscure, elusive, and made up of partially true word-of-mouth stories. It makes sense that the myths should be clarified in order to document and preserve the musical history of the area. The people included in this project have demonstrated long-term vision, commitment, creativity, and skill toward the practice and dissemination of their music. The scope of personalities included in this project are musicians and sound artists currently living in Claremont and surrounding neighborhoods, those who have left and reside elsewhere, and those who have passed away.

Claremont is a microcosm of the complexity of music culture at large. Its strength and diversity includes classical, pop/rock, jazz, world, sound art, electronic, and folk music - not to mention sub-genres and crossovers of each of those. The unique position of Claremont and its connections with its surrounding communities is rich enough to accommodate this project and, because its identity is neither too small nor too large, the music scene is extremely ripe for this kind of coverage.

The Treasury of Claremont Music is intended as a primer for people who wish to dig deeper into Claremont’s musical culture. It is a living document that has been designed to accept new information as it becomes available. It is our hope that those with a deep interest in Claremont music will help to continue its growth and its expanding development. New directions are limitless in the hands of researchers with imagination and an independent spirit. Now that the Treasury of Claremont Music’s van is gassed-up, it is ready to go on further excursions through Claremont’s musical landscape.

- Tom Skelly

Conceived and produced by Tom Skelly and Claremont Heritage


Photography by Althea Sachs